GIMP Installation

To install GIMP on Windows, visit Click here to go to the GIMP Downloads Page, Then select Microsoft Windows.

There are two download options available. Either we can download it via torrent or directly. After downloading the installer file, follow the below steps:

  • Run the GIMP installer

  • Follow the required prompt.

  • Finish the Installation

  • Run the GIMP


  1. Login as an administrator on terminal
  2. Homebrew must be installed on the system.

  • Update the repository index of homebrew

  • In order to install GIMP on MacOS with homebrew, we need to first update the repository index of homebrew. This can be done by using following command.
    $ brew update
  • Install GIMP
  • GIMP can be simply installed with the homebrew package installer. However, it is not available in the current repository of homebrew, hence we have to tap into another repository by using following command. $ brew tap caskroom/cask Then use the following command to install GIMP. $ brew cask install gimp GIMP can be opened by command line or by searching it into the applications directory. For this purpose, following command can be used. $ open Applications/

We can install it from the Linux terminal using different package managers such as the flat file, snap, PPA, and many more. To install it form the terminal, we must have sudo privilege. To install the GIMP from the terminal, execute the following commands: Add the PPA Repository by executing the below command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp Update APT package: sudo apt-get update Install GIMP: sudo apt-get install gimp The above commands will install the latest version (GIMP 2.10.20). Run it by browsing applications from Show Applications menu.

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